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Maltose Syrups are an organic relief for those who neither want to deprive their sweet tooth nor expect the weighing scale indicator to tilt on the higher side. These syrups have a sweetness level of about 60% of cane sugar and can be substituted as a nutritive sweetener in food products especially those that cater to diabetic patients. For having a healing diet or to enjoy the highest quality organic sweeteners available in the market, now naturally malted whole grain sweeteners such as rice, barley or corn Maltose Syrups are the best choice. These cereal Maltose Syrups are made by a slow and natural enzymatic process like the traditional foods that has been used in macrobiotics.

Maltose Syrups are basically artificial organic sweeteners with reduced sugar levels, which mean they satisfy your sensatory expectations with required sweetness but control the blood sugar level too. Maltose Syrups get this unique quality serving dual purpose from the chemical structure of maltose itself. Maltose is a disaccharide, which means a sugar or carbohydrate content composed of two mono saccharides that are bonded via a condensation reaction. However, different bond combinations result in organic disaccharides with different chemical and physical properties that get reflected in separate degrees of Maltose Syrups. Maltose is crystalline, water-soluble, and sweet-tasting in its distinct form. So, the resulting Maltose Syrups are also generally a clear, colorless and sweet viscous liquid.

Maltose Syrups are manufactured by duel enzymatic conversion of starch under controlled conditions. In this process, starch in slurry form is subjected to liquefaction and dextrinization in the presence of a specified enzyme. Amylase is the enzyme used in this case in breaking down starch at random. For the liquefaction stage, a α-amylase of bacterial origin is utilized. These Maltose Syrups can be of different types depending on the level of maltose content in them. To prepare these, the dextrinised products or normal Maltose Syrup is treated with a specific organic enzyme to produce a liquid having maltose contents as high as 45%. This process is known as saccharification where an enzyme named ß-amylase is used to produce high Maltose Syrups. For example, high Maltose Syrups are organic glucose syrups with the typical composition 1-2% DP1, 78-80% DP2, 9-10% DP3, and 8-12% DPn. On other side, very high Maltose Syrups boast of a chemical combination of 2% DP1, 84% DP2, 10% DP3, and 4% DPn. As Dextrose content in high Maltose Syrups is on lower side, so it is less hygroscopic and less brown color compared to the bit dark brown and sticky substance of general organic Maltose Syrups. These are used in production of different bakery products to maintain proper color and moisture.

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