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Maltodextrin Syrup 18 DE

Maltodextrin Syrup 18 DE is perhaps the best energy booster around that provides you all the sweetness to satisfy your taste buds without pushing the blood sugar levels out of gear. It is a clear and transparent, almost colorless, viscous liquid, mildly sweet in taste that keep you going for a long time that other carbohydrates intakes can. So, organic Maltodextrin Syrup 18 DE has nowadays become a rage among the calorie-conscious people of the world, specially the athletes.   

The success of organic Maltodextrin Syrup 18 DE lay hidden in the profound qualities and benefits of maltodextrin and the concept of DE. In simple terms, maltodextrins are easily digestible carbohydrates derived from natural cornstarch where enzymes are used to break the starch into smaller polymers. Maltodextrin contains a range of nutritive non-sweet polysaccharides with a distribution of molecular weights where the anhydroglucose units are linked predominantly by 1.4 bonds. Due to this molecular distribution, maltodextrins-enriched products like organic Maltodextrin Syrup 18 DE fair well as alternative sweeteners as we know, sweetness of simple sugars generally decreases with increasing molecular weight. So, the DP3 component of cornstarch is less sweet than maltose [DP2], which in turn is less sweet than dextrose that is DP1. Maltodextrin is also a mixture of glucose polymers produced by the controlled depolymerization of cornstarch. They are most often categorized by Dextrose Equivalence or DE. Dextrose is a term used to describe 100% pure glucose and DE signifies the relative sweetness of a product against pure dextrose or sugar. Maltodextrin starch hydrolysis products generally have a Dextrose Equivalent [DE] between 1 and 20, organic Maltodextrin Syrup 18 DE being one of them.

As the name suggests, Maltodextrin Syrup 18 DE perceives 18 count of relative sweetness, which is the level of perceived sweetness compared to that of pure sucrose assessed under the same conditions out of 100. Also sold as dried powders, organic Maltodextrin Syrup 18 DE is easily digestible and a convenient source of energy. It contains approximately 4 calories per gram and has low or no sweetness. Further, Maltodextrin Syrup 18 DE has been designated as a safe food ingredient that is an excellent component for standard and low-fat products. It is also used in confectionary products to increase flexibility, prevent granulation and melting, lower sweetness, change taste and prolong storage life of sweets. Moreover organic Maltodextrin Syrup 18 DE reduces the incidence of toothache, obesity, blood pressure, diabetes and is particularly helpful for patients with celiac disease.

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