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Maltodextrin Syrup 20 DE

Maltodextrin Syrup 20 DE is a wonderful organic composition, which gives you the pleasure to enjoy the sweetness of sugar and the perceived energy from it without bothering for rising blood sugar levels. The best example of effectiveness of organic Maltodextrin Syrup 20 DE can be experienced through sports beverages, where athletes balance the sweeteners like fructose, sucrose and dextrose, with maltodextrins to optimize the carbohydrate profile and osmolality of the liquid. It is found that if we take equal amounts of any sweeteners and Maltodextrin Syrup 20 DE in two separate drinks, the former would be too sweet and the osmolality would be too high. On the other hand the one with Maltodextrin Syrup 20 DE will give less sweetness and a proper balance of caloric concentration and osmolality.

Maltodextrin Syrup 20 DE signifies the power-packed organic syrups that are enriched with maltodextrin. Maltodextrin is acquired by the partial hydrolysis of cornstarch followed by refining and purification. In this process, the starch is hydrolysed by enzyme and filtered for bleaching and de-ionization. This purified organic syrup is concentrated in vacuum evaporators to get liquid maltodextrin like Maltodextrin Syrup 20 DE or spray dried in the case of maltodextrin powder. The maltodextrin powder is generally white, fine and fluffy with mild sweet taste. On other side, organic Maltodextrin Syrup 20 DE is the least hygroscopic of corn sweeteners due to low DE content. DE means Dextrose Equivalent that expresses the number of aldehyde groups or reducing ends relative to pure glucose of same concentration. Generally all maltodextrin syrups have a DE less than 20, including organic Maltodextrin Syrup 20 DE, which means it scores 20 in relative sweetness against a 100-glucose scale.

Maltodextrin Syrup 20 DE does not contain significant quantities of protein, fat or fiber and is so safe for patients with celiac disease, babies and people on diet. It is used for various applications in confectionery, ice-cream, fruit pie, salad dressings, instant soup and baby feed products. Moreover, as dextrose content is on lower side in organic Maltodextrin Syrup 20 DE, it is less hygroscopic or absorbs less moisture. For this reason, Maltodextrin Syrup 20 DE is used widely in confectionery as a choice of organic sweetener which has acceptable sweetness and when used in making confectionery like candies maintains proper moisture balance i.e. it neither hardens due to loss of water nor becomes exceedingly soft due to moisture pick up.

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