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Maltose Syrup is a general term used to denote organic syrups containing high maltose levels. It is clear, colorless and sweet viscous liquid that is increasingly gaining popularity among diabetic and diet-concern people. Maltose Syrup is now getting popular with others too due to the simple fact that we all need to consume carbohydrates, including starch and sugars, as they are the main source of energy. However, excessive intake of sugar can lead to a number of diseases as hypoglycemia, diabetes, mental illness and other hormonal and degenerative diseases. And unlike organic Maltose Syrup, white sugar has no nutritional value and though honey and maple syrup do have some nutrients but they raise blood sugar levels. So, Maltose Syrup invariably scores as a favorite alternative to sugar for health conscious but sweet-loving people. It is often used in bread, cake and beer brewage because of its well volatility. Meanwhile, organic Maltose Syrup is also widely used in other fields such as candy, drinks, bakery goods, frozen foodstuff and seasoning and so on.

Maltose Syrup is a kind of organic syrup made from high quality corn starch with maltose as main content by double enzyme technique. The manufacturing of Maltose Syrup comprises of the process of liquefaction and dextrinization of starch milk and the subsequent saccharification of the dextrinized starch milk in the presence of a maltogenic enzyme. For the liquefaction stage, an enzyme called α-amylase of bacterial origin is utilized and for the saccharification process comes in the ß-amylase. Both these enzymes belong to the amylase group and between the two; ß-amylase is used to produce organic Maltose Syrup with high maltose content. General Maltose Syrup has a strong and distinctive flavor like molasses and is bit sticky. However, Maltose Syrups with higher maltose content are milder and tastes good with simple foods unlike honey, maple syrup and molasses, which have a strong and overpowering taste. Maltose is basically a white crystalline sugar formed during the fermentation of starch of corn rice and barley. The constitution of organic rice maltose syrup is 30 percent of soluble complex carbohydrates, 45 percent maltose, 3-4 percent glucose and 20 percent water. Moreover, maltose is a slow but prolonged source of energy and unlike other sweeteners and regular sugar, it hardly disturb blood sugar level. So, Maltose Syrup takes about an hour and a half to break down into simpler form and the complex carbohydrates are digested slowly and take at least four hours to break down.

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